MBB Phylogenomics


Phylogenomics is the intersection between genomics and phylogeny, i.e., the study of genome evolution through phylogenetic methods.

Major developments in MBB:

  • Orthomam : a database of one-to-one orthologous genes in mammals for phylogenetic and evolutionary genomic purposes
  • Bio++ : an open source C++ library providing facilities for C++ programming in molecular evolution and phylogeny
  • Physicist, SuperTriplet: programs for super-tree reconstruction out of a forest of source trees
  • CoMap: a program for detecting coevolving positions in a sequence alignment
  • MACSE : a program for aligning coding sequences with frame shifts
  • Training: Fred Delsuc's course on phylogenetic methods (in french), ...

Other tools:

F. Delsuc, E. Douzery, J. Dutheil, V. Ranwez, K . Belkhir

ISEM : Khalid Belkhir, Nicolas Galtier, Rémy Dernat, Julien Veyssier ( and previously Sébastien Harispe, Guillaume Dugas )