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Help Members

Account creation

Account creation is reserved to CeMEB LabEx members and associates.

Due to the limitiation of computing resources, an account is required for the use of restricted online tools.

On the MBB platform each account/member is associated to a group, which is a virtual association composed of members and an administrator who can manage the group members. Each group has singular rights defining the restricted access to the online tools, furthermore the administrator can share private content with members of his group. As a member can only be associated to one group and considering the aforementioned reasons you have to choose the group that suits you the best (see group details).

Your account request will be evaluated by the group administrator, who will or will not validate your membership. You will be notified of his decision by email.
Submit an account request on the tracking system


mbb-team _at_ umontpellier.fr : Platform Developpers/Mainteners/Moderators
Specific contacts see plaform staff
Submit a request/problem on the tracking system

Members & Group

All users of MBB platform can be considered as members. Members are users who are part of a specific group. A group is composed of members and an administrator. Each group of the platform have specific restriction defining content they have access to, online tools they can use and various cluster related configuration such as upload size allowed, execution time... All members account share restriction of there group.

As mentioned each group are directed by a specific member called the group administrator. The group administrator manage his group, he can decided if a member can be part of his group or not. An administrator can also edit public or private content on the platform. Private content can only be accessed by members of the group who own the content and Public content is available for all members.

By default visitors are part of Guest Group. In order to be part of a specific group they have to create an account and ask a group administrator an access to his group. Groups administrator Email are public, you cantact them for further information on there group i.e online tools they have access to, if they accept unknown members... If the administrator validate the request the visitor will become a member of his group. A group can be defined for a specific institution and therefore there access can be highly restricted.


- What about steering committee members ?

Laboratory/Instution(s) and committee members

  • AMAP
    • François de Coligny
    • Yves Dumont
  • CBGB
    • Alexandre Dehne Garcia
    • Raphaël Leblois
  • CEFE
    • Marie-Claude Quidoz
    • Olivier Gimenez
  • ISEM UMR5554 (CNRS France)
    • François Rousset
    • Khalid Belkhir
    • Nicolas Galtier
    • Rémy Dernat
    • Bruno Granouillac
    • François Chevenet

- What about the platform team ?

Laboratory : ISEM UMR5554 (CNRS France)
Service : HPC & Bioinformatics platform
Project Directors : Khalid Belkhir & Nicolas Galtier
Web Development & online tools integration : Rémy Dernat, Jimmy Lopez.
Cluster & online tools integration : Rémy Dernat, Jimmy Lopez.
Contacts : khalid.belkhir _at_ umontpellier.fr
Past members : Julien Veyssier, Guillaume Dugas, Sébastien Harispe.

As a member can I edit content ?

A member cannot edit content on the platform. He can ask to his group administrator to add content. Administrator email is available on group detail page.

Can I Ask for a new OnlineTool ?

You can suggest new online tools integration to your group administrator.
He will evaluate your request and ask MBB to install it if they can and if they want to. We only provide tools which are desired by several users. The administrator email is available on the group detail page.
"MBB Online Tool" service is only available to members of LabEx CeMEB associated laboratories (laboratory list available here).

Can I Ask for content to be added ?

You can propose content to your group administrator. Administrator email is available on group detail page.
"MBB Online Tool" service is only available to members of LabEx CeMEB associated laboratories (laboratory list available here). Some online tools are public (as Macse) and can be used by any guest user.

Can I be part of multiple group ?

You cannot be part of more than one group at the same time.

Can I change the group I am part of ?

You can't easily change your group on the platform. Ask your administrator to delete your account and create a new one.

Can I have multiple account ?

Like each website you can have multiple account but each account is associated to one unique email adress

How can I report a bug ?

To report a bug send an email to MBB platform mainteners. Please describe your bug and the execution context in order to help platform developper to reproduce and fix the issue.

How many days my results will be conserved ?

It depends on your group, restriction are detailed on group page.

How many jobs can I execute ?

It depends on your group, restriction are detailed on group page.

How to cite MBB platform ?

To cite the platform, please include these words to your publications :
[Replace_with_your_project_name] benefited from the Montpellier Bioinformatics Biodiversity platform supported by the LabEx CeMEB, an ANR "Investissements d'avenir" program (ANR-10-LABX-04-01)."

Is it possible to have a direct access to the cluster ressources through SSH ?

Yes, a SSH access to the MBB cluster is possible if you are involve in the CeMEB LabEx. If you meet this requirement, then thank you to fill the following form: Account creation [ form ]

Is it possible to uprade an OnlineTool ?

We try to upgrade online tool as we can but you can ask your moderator, he will notice MBB developpers.

Is there an upload restriction ?

It depends on your group, restriction are detailed on group page.

Is there any documentation or howto to use MBB cluster by command line ?

You can find many documentations to use the MBB cluster through SSH on the kimura website (fr)

Is there any restriction ?

Please read charter for the use of IT resources (UM, Renater):

What are the available softwares on MBB cluster ?

You could take a look here (fr)

What are the services available on the MBB platform for the CeMEB LabEx members ?

See here.

What is an OnlineTool ?

An OnlineTool is tool/application wrapped by our team and available through a Web User Interface (WebUI), as an HTML form. Those tools are launched through your browser and are executed on our IT infrastructure.

Where can I find support / HelpDesk platform ?

A helpDesk platform is available here.

Who is my group administrator ?

The administrator of your group is a trusted person who have direct contact with MBB platform Moderator, his email is available on group detail page.

Why is there mbb.univ-montp2.fr website and kimura.univ-montp2.fr website ?

  • mbb.univ-montp2.fr (this website) allows to submit jobs through html forms, knows as OnlineTools. It also hosts several softwares or bioinformatic databases. Some of those softwares are coded by our local community.
  • kimura.univ-montp2.fr is our team’s website. It describes all of our services (including those only available for the ISE-M institute), hosts a copy of our documentation, and our tracking/support system / helpdesk. There is also some metrics, including papers that are citing the MBB platform (or at least a member of the MBB platform)

Why my favorite software is not available ?

The reason could be we :

  • don't want to install it
  • are not allowed to install it
  • are testing it
  • know that It can't run on our configuration
  • don't know it exists
  • ...

Ask to further information to your administrator. You can ask to install another software here